Hi Peter and all,
I understand your problem/frustration with FPS style games. There are a lot of blind gamers that have no sense of direction when it comes to accessible FPS games. Though, there aren't that many truly accessible FPS games other than Sarah, Monkey Business, Shades of Doom, and a couple of others. However, most of the features you and others like about Mysteries of the Ancients like random monsters, random items, the ability to save games, etc aren't side-scroller features. Those kinds of features were introduced when the FPS games like Doom, Quake, Jedi Knight, Tomb Raider, etc started coming out for the sighted market. Before that most games were simple arcade games. So what I am asking you and is others is not for Mysteries of the Ancients as it is now, but to be written as it was intended to be. That is designed like a 1980's style side-scroller without all of the modern influences, or to design it like a modern FPS game similar to Tomb Raider and other more modern games. I am not sure if you were one of the people who preordered the game or not, but it might be helpful to see things from my perspective for a moment. When James North and I took preorders for Montezuma's Revenge it was with the understanding we would create and sell a classic side-scroller. Now, I have many people who want to hold me to that plan. However, there is this other group who demand modern features like the ability to save the game, randomize everything, include a targeting beep, whatever. As a result Mysteries of the Ancients is becoming more and more like an FPS game, and less and less like the game I actually sold to my original customers. So neither side is really getting what they wanted, and many of the customers feel they aren't getting what they paid for. So as a developer do i take out all the modern features, make it like the game I was going to sell, or do I just make something totally modern and different? As you can see it is a very big problem. The stress from this game is beginning to drive me crazy, because I don't really know which side to listen to. It is not a simple decision for me.

peter Mahach wrote:
hi thomas,
here is my point of view.
I have enough of fps games. with little to no navigation skill I mostly bump into walls, walk in circles... and get frustrated. I'm a big fan of side scrollers as that's something I can play... and I enjoyed mota how it is now. I'd not want to see another stupid game that I'll suck at... please, no! no wall bumping, no compass... please leave it as it is!

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