to be honest tom at first I loathed the side scroler idea mainly because of not 
winning in pipe2 and superliam.
Now though I like it.
I also like the modernised mixed element never really liked the standard side 
scroler, if you can have it the way it is now fine.
If I was pushed into a decition I'd say fps style.
At 11:03 a.m. 29/10/2009, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>This has been something I've wanted to say for quite a while now, and I think 
>now is the time I need to say it. To get this out of the way as your opinions, 
>responses, etc will completely determine the future of the game from here on 
>out. This is extremely important, and I hope all of you take this message very 
>seriously. I hope you think about your responses very carefully before 
>responding as your input is very important to me right now.
>As most of you know James North was planning on releasing a remake of the 
>classic side-scroller "Montezuma's Revenge." He took several orders for that 
>game in December of 2004, but do to a variety of personal issues he was unable 
>to complete the game within the time specified. Eventually, I took over 
>development of the game in early 2006, and I decided to rewrite the game in C# 
>.NET. I was nearly finished with the game in January of 2008, had already 
>taken orders for the game myself,  
>when I was contacted privately regarding the game's copyright infringement. As 
>neither James or I had legally applied for permission to make a modern remake 
>of the game I was officially ordered to cease and desist all development of 
>the game. Rather than fight the cease and desist order I complied, and began 
>my own side-scroller called Mysteries of the Ancients.  It was initially 
>intended to be a classic side-scroller along the lines of Pitfall, Montezuma's 
>Revenge, Mario Brothers, and similar games.
>The thing to keep in mind here is that those games lacked many of the features 
>modern FPS games have today. There  was no such thing as randomly placed items 
>and monsters, you couldn't save your game and pick up where you left off 
>later, when you punched an enemy you didn't miss unless you were too far away, 
>etc. The main object of the game was to beat the game and earn the highest 
>score possible. For some of you younger gamers it would be quite primitive 
>compared to the Play Station and XBox games you are use too. It was a 
>completely different generation of gaming.
>I realized back then that many of you may not be happy with a 1980's type of 
>side-scroller. I asked many of you if you would be happy with a more modern 
>FPS game instead. The answer i got back was a resounding "no!" A couple of you 
>wrote me very passionate letters about how much you would like to be able to 
>play a classic side-scroller like those that were out in the 1980's that you 
>were never able to play. So I set out to do just that.
>However, what I had feared all along began to come true. Many of you began 
>making requests that were completely contrary to the type of game that was 
>being developed. You asked for random items and monsters. After some debate I 
>decided to add that feature, and removed the scoring feature since it was no 
>longer needed. Those of you who wanted the feature were happy to get it, but 
>those who didn't began asking me for a way to turn it off. They wanted a 
>classic side-scroller, and asked me to stop adding features like that. Since 
>it was too much work to have it both ways I had to decide to leave the random 
>items and monsters in since most of the people liked it that way.
>The thing is the suggestions and requests didn't stop there. Over the passed 
>year I've been consistently asked to add features like you would typically 
>find on more modern FPS type games. It isn't so much I am a posed to adding 
>these kinds of features, but it is inconsistent with an 80's type 
>side-scroller. As the game currently is it is neither a classic side-scroller, 
>and it isn't a fully modern FPS game either. For that reason some people, 
>including myself, are unhappy with the way the game is turning out. I would 
>much prefer either a straight out  classic side-scroller or a modern FPS game. 
>At this point the game is neither one, and is a bit of a mix of both styles. 
>That might not be bad, but over the passed few months I've grown to completely 
>hate the game because it isn't the game I wanted to create. It is nothing like 
>So here is the question. Do you guys want me to go back and make this game as 
>a classic side-scroller, as was intended initially, without randomized 
>monsters and items, no save game features, no modern FPS influences of any 
>kind, or would you rather I just completely ditch the entire classic 
>side-scroller idea and create an actual modern FPS game with all the requests, 
>suggestions, and modern features you want?Personally, as many of you 
>consistently request more and more modern features from mainstream games you 
>play I think the majority of you would be much happier with a straight out FPS 
>type game. After all, that's what the Genesis Engine was initially designed 
>for and it wouldn't take too long to convert the game over to an FPS type 
>game. What do all of you Mysteries of the Ancients players think?
>Before I go let me just say this. I would like to get an actual decision, a 
>real answer, from this group regarding this question. I don't want any of the 
>messages that say "finish the side-scroller this year and then let's do an FPS 
>game next year." I also don't want the type of answer that says, "how about 
>adding an option to the settings menu to turn this or that off." I'll say here 
>and now my answer is an infatic "no!"
>I hate to sound this way, but I am sick and tired of the stress and 
>frustration of having to deal with requests, suggestions, etc that drag me in 
>two completely different directions. If you guys want a totally modern FPS 
>game just say so, and I'll do it that way. If you guys want a classic 
>side-scroller I'll do that instead. What I will not continue to do is make a 
>game based on a classic side-scroller, and get request after request for more 
>FPS type features that improves/ruins the game depending on your point of 
>view. It is time you guys decide what exactly you want this game to be, and 
>stop telling me to write two completely different types of games. Is it a 
>side-scroller or an FPS game? Is it to be a classic type of game or a modern 
>type of game?
>Sincerely frustrated:
>Thomas Ward
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