Hi dark,
Exactly what I said earlier. As you probably know Philip is working on a game creation toolkit as am I. I can't say when my creation toolkit, Genesis 3D, will be available to the public but I do know it is something people really want. As I said earlier a lot of people don't know anything about programming, don't have time to learn, whatever and they just want a simple creation tool that will allow them to slap a game together quickly and simply. Unfortunately, the more simplicity you add the less functionality you get. At some level you really need to be able to script the engine in order to customize the game as needed. Which creates a problem in of itself because your average computer user out there doesn't know anything about VBScript, JavaScript, Python, or several other scripting languages the game could use for scripting levels, enemies, weapons, etc.

dark wrote:
hi Philip.

I'm not a mod fan either, sinse I would agree with you that a game and it's sounds are a single creative work.

that being said, ---- some some small scale game creation software would imho be a good thing.

Say for example, you released a classic side scroller generator, which could be used to set the attack speed, strength and range of enemies and the main character, amo limit, speed and range of character weapons, amount, frequency and effect of items, length of levels and effect and length of floor hazards.

Depending upon coding you could also have the choice betwene placing these things randomly (with frequency control), or having the designer place them deliberately.

to this people could add their own sounds and music, ---- and tadar! a game which essentially uses the Q9 engine, ---- but has completely different enemies, with their own attacks etc, --- -complete with different music, sounds and cut scenes.

then, we don't just get Q9 in a different package, ---- we get a number of completely different classic side scrollers.

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