I agree Tom, ---- being such an average computer user myself.

Well I admit having studdied formal logic, and had frequent conversation with my friend who's a professional software engineer, I'm probably slightly less in the dark than some, but stil i probably wouldn't know C+ code from java or Python at a glance.

Bare in mind though, that in the land of graphical games, ---- both mainstream, and especially! independent, level editers exist which let the player create his/her own levels for a game using it's own content, ---- some for instance even allow the user to load his/her own graphics and music.

for a great example of this, look at what has been done with some of the games in the boulderdash catagory.

Right back to the original game released in the 1980's, level creation tool kits existed, ---- which, sinse the game is essentially a puzle game using a few pieces, could make for some great playability.

The game Emerald mine on the Amigar expanded this, and allowed users to create their own graphics and sound, ---- though given hardware restrictions at the time, some fairly major animating skills were stil needed to draw the graphics.

Stil, literally sixty thousand levels were produced, ---- and level editers have been a staple of the genre, ---- one freeware project started in 1995, rocks -n- diamonds, now has so much scripting power at altering the properties of in game elements it's been psosible for players to use it to make completely different games.

See http://www.bd-fans.com/ f for a lot of history and details on this process.

Then, other games have had level editers. the Original prince of persia for the Pc, ---- and indeed one of my favourite Turrican clones T2002, ---- which now has 50 unique levels for the game, ---- many with specifically created sound and graphics as well as vastly different enemy placement than the original.

Yet none of these things are avialable in audio.

I personally believe game creation tools can either be big or small, ---- as big as the scripting language and engine you and Philip are working on, ----- and as small as the Track creation tool in Rail racer.

The point is, to let users exercise their creativity. The ,more complex the tool, the more a user has to learn, ---- though ultimately even with a scripting language that will be less than learning from scratch.

I personally believe there's distinct room for both, and both have potential.

Beware the grue!


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