Hi Al,
All of the questions you asked are all subject to the terms of the contract. Weather or not you have to pay for things like sounds, music, up front or the developer will fit the cost of those is between you and the contractor. However, given the fact the contractor will need some sort of start up capital I'd say you would have to come up with some sort of payment in advance. Same goes for the actual percentage of how much you earn off of the game royalties. As far as how much input you get into creating the game I would assume you would have the final say if you are the one paying the developer to create the project out of pocket.

Let's use this as an example. Let's say you came up with this really cool game idea called Star Warrior, and you had a general idea of the characters, enemies, hazards the hero would face, etc. Then, you approached USA Games to create it.

You would begin with a written game proposal explaining to me what the game was about, a brief overview of the things you wanted in the game, and of course I would review it. If I liked the game proposal we could negotiate some sort of contract so that we could write, produce, and publish Star Warrior.

After that we would work together to create a game outline. That is an authoritative document that covers the back story for the game, detailed information about all of the game characters, enemies, hazards, and a written description of the game level by level. Once we have agreed on the rough draft of the game outline USA Games could actually begin development of the game.

Allan Thompson wrote:
Thanks Tom.  I am sure Dark was telling me his honest opinion.
I knew that failed game had castle in the name. That was a disappointment thru no fault of Justin and that is a situation I would be concerned with. I would want to see the project completed to the end. I always assumed that money would be handed over first for production expenses like music, sound effects, and voice acting, then the actual release of the game would be split according to contract...or is that what you said? Maybe I misunderstood. I thought 10% for the cretive element was the going rate, LOL. Man I was way off on that. Ok, so if I understand this right. Get a programmer/programming company. Get a contract, they make game, game gets sold, split earnings according to contract barring any problems between contract signing and completion. Does the creative idea guy or gal get any creative input into the project or does that have to be contractually listed as well?


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