Hi Jim,
Well, VB .NET has a lot of support in the business world so I wouldn't say it is on its way out. It has mor to do with the fact that most of the programming books on the language and the people who use it use it for business oriented programs. Back in the 90's several major corperations dropped Cobol for Visual Basic 5 and visual Basic 6, but when Microsoft dropped those languages most of those legacy programs began to be converted over to VB .NET around 2002 and 2003 to make them Vista ready. As far as changing your programming habits it is hard for me to say. Although, there will be several concepts introduced in VB .NET that will be totally new to you. The best way for you to figure out something like this is to get yourself something like
Learning Visual Basic .NET
off the Bookshare web site and read the first chapter where it talks about the differences between VB 6 and VB .NET. As far as C++ goes it is not anything like Cobol. Cobol was a language primarily concerned with report writing tasks. C++ is a more updated object oriented version of C which came out in the 1970's. C unlike Cobol is concerned with all kinds of general programming tasks, and has been used to write all of the major operating systems MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD, etc over the last 30 years or so. So it is definitely the king of programming languages. There isn't anything I can think of you can't create in C or C++. As for programming in assembly no thanks. I took a class on it in college, and it isn't something I want to repete. It is way too low level for my liking, and requires too much work from scratch for my taistes. With a good C++ compiler i write it in something I at least understand and the assembler converts the code to assembly for me, and then links it together. Yay!

Jim Kitchen wrote:
Hi Thomas,

You know, I have been wondering for awhile how much I would need to change my programming habits to go from VB6 to VB net. Especially if BB net supports stuff like GoSub, loop while, GoTo etc. But it kind of looks like you are saying that VB net is on it's way out as well. I have also wondered if C++ is a derivative of COBOL. It would be cool to program in C++ because it has been there forever and doesn't seem to change. Of course the ultimate would be to program in what is it assembler or assembly. Now that is some manly programming right? But I do like that Basic does allot of stuff for you in the background and that Jaws works so well with BB6. I have just always worked in the programming environment and then test run the code that I just added. You know in VB6 you just press the f5 key to run the code.


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