Hi Bill,
Visual Basic 6 has been depricated for years, and was supported on XP simply as backward legacy support. On Windows 7 if you want to use a Visual Basic 6 application, such as Jim's games, you have to install the Visual Basic 6 runtime environment as several of the Visual Basic 6 libraries no longer ship with the Windows OS. It is recommended if you do decide to use Visual Basic to go with Visual Basic .NET which is not only a lot newer, but the .NET Framework ships with Vista and Windos 7 by default. However, for gaming C# .NET is a better option as there is more documentation on C# and game development than there is on Visual Basic .NET and games. These days about the only people who use Visual Basic .NET are people programming report writers, interfaces to databases, and other office grunt work. Visual Basic has largely lost its apeal amung your average home developer, and has become more of a business oriented language than a general programming language. It still can be used in games, but documentation for a new Visual Basic programmer on the topic of gaming is pretty rare. Personally, I am beginning to use C++ for my projects rather than the .NET languages. There are a number of reasons why I have chosen this route, but one of the major ones is I use Linux and want to eventually create Linux versions of my games. Plus C++ is better documented, is basically the game programming standard, allows me to access any low level API I could want without having to go through a third-party runtime environment, and so on. It is for me the better choice.


William L. Houts wrote:

Hi Jim,

Thanks for responding to my questions. I can see that I have VB on my XP system. However, I will soon be getting a new system loaded with 64 bit Windows 7. Did they remove Visual Basic from that OS? And if they didn't, how do I get at the Visual Basic programming environment in the first place? See, I'm an utter moron about this stuff as it stands.


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