Hi Jim,
Yeah, Shades of doom was also the doom of the DOS game.
Me and Carl were happy creating DOS games for the blind just like you were, then Shades of Doom came along and all we heard from customers was do your games work with Windows!
Come to think of it Windows 95 was the doom of games for DOS.
And when Carl tried to convert one of our DOS games to Windows, he got so many errors he decided it wasn't worth the effort and stopped. Of course, back then in 1999 Carl didn't have windows 95 or a windows 95 screen reading program, so not only was he trying to write game for an operating system he didn't know, he was using a screen reader that he was not comfortable with. Yes Windows 98 was out but the screen readers were not quite ready yet for it.
By the way our DOS games were written in Borland C plus plus for DOS.
So he was Couting everything to the screen.

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Hi Yohandy,

It didn't used to be this way. I blame it all on David Greenwood. <grin> Back when it was PCS Games and me, we would put out games and people would play and comment on them. But then in 1999 - 2000 David Greenwood was working on the first accessable first person shooter game. He asked on list for suggestions and comments. It became a group effert. Every since then it is like all accessible games are group efferts. Not that it is all bad, I mean I have added lots of features and tweeks to my games from the suggestions of others. Oh yeah that game by the way was Shades of Doom.



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