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I hope Michael Feir will excuse me for reprinting the beginning of Shades of Doom from,
Audyssey; Computer Games Accessible to the Blind
Issue 18: May/June/July, 1999
From David Greenwood:


I have an idea which could be carried out on the Audyssey mail list
and reported on an ongoing basis in the Audyssey Magazine.

I thought it may be fun and interesting to design and develop a
game using ideas from the Audyssey mail list members. We could
present a basic game scenario and encourage the mail list
participants to provide interactive feedback.  I manage an
Information Systems department for a medium sized international
company and we have used JADD, Joint Application Design and
Development, to develop many systems.  It seems to work well in
most cases.
    I would find it interesting, both professionally and as a
Gamer, to head up this project.

How it might work -

I will present the initial scenario and some ideas on how the user
interface might work.  I will then sit back and wait for feedback.
Mail list participants can comment on each other's ideas and when
things settle down I will prepare a summary of our design to date.
This summary may need to be a questionnaire with each participant
voting on opinions which can't be agreed on.

I will then go away and develop a proto-type. Each participant will
then down-load the proto-type and the mail list discussion will
continue for another round.  This may be an iteractive process
which may go on for several months.

Each participant will obtain a free copy of the final game, and PCS
will then be free to sell it as one of their commercial games.  I
would suggest it could be sold to all other Audyssey subscribers at
a somewhat reduced price, say $$15, but this must be discussed with
PCS first.

A Scenario suggestion -

The game could be loosely based on the highly graphical and popular

You find yourself in a maze of tunnels.  From a distance you here
the sounds of approaching monsters.  From the volume and direction
of the sounds, you can decide to run or attack.  You must find a
way to the next level of the maze while collecting weapons,
ammunition, and receiving points for killing monsters.  You
initially start off with a single shot
rifle an 30 rounds of ammunition.  Hidden in each level of the maze
is a more powerful weapon which you will want since the monsters
get a little tougher the farther you go.

The sound will be continuous allowing you to walk, run, or shoot
regardless of the sound playing.  You will always shoot in the
direction you are walking, but the skill will be deciding on how
much ammunition to use and how close you will allow the monster to
come before shooting.  Fast reflexes will also come into play.  You
will also need to be careful of monsters lurking around corners.
Each level will contain different monsters with different
abilities.  You can identify the monster by its sound.

There will be boulders to move, doors to find, pitfalls to avoid,
and other things we can decide on later.  I believe this game can
provide the same entertainment value that Doom or Wolfenstein

What do you think?

David Greenwood

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