Hi Philip,
Well,keep in mind you are talking to an FPS purest hear so any opinion I give is going to be pretty bias to other opinions and views. That's not to say I wouldn't enjoy a game like you describe, but by simplifying the game it feels like a cheat to me and is unrealistic. I guess what is important to me as a gamer is realism, full 3d movement, and games on par with mainstream FPS titles. I'm sorry to say if you make it so the player can only go north, south, east, and west without 360 degrees of movement that's not going to satisfy me. However, your the developer here so you do what you feel comfortable with.


Philip Bennefall wrote:
Hi Thomas,

I probably wouldn't say I have no sense of direction but I would definitely say that it is sparse. I could most likely learn to navigate a full 3d game but it'd take me a lot of time and practise, and would eventually put me off playing the game altogether. However, a 3d game where you sidestep rather than turn; e.g. left arrow to move west, up to move north, right to move east and down to move south, those I find a whole lot easier for some reason. So to me, that would be a nice middleground between a side scroller and a full blown fps. It just gives me so much more freedom as a game designer to build up a world the way I want it, without necessarily making it a pain for some gamers to navigate. If I made such a game I would also make extensive use of up and down movement such as climbing trees, swinging on branches or whatever so that you would indeed be in a true 3d world, just without all the hassle. What do you say?

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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