Hi Dark,
As I said a lot has to do with experience and personal opinion. You don't feel First Person or Third Person games trump side-scrollers, because you don't share the same experience and enjoyment of those styles of games I have. This debate is similar to the one Che had when he announced how much better playing Rail Racer with the mouse was compared to the keyboard. You remember that? When Che announced he was going to use the mouse, that it was more precise than using the keyboard, etc the majority of the people here had their doubts. They said things like a blind person can't play a game using the mouse, that there was no way a mouse could be more precise than a keyboard, a mouse is too whatever. All of that speculation turned out to be false, but they didn't believe Che because their prier experiences with the mouse were bad ones, and they had never seen a mouse used in an audio game before. It was only after Rail Racer was released that most of those people changed there minds, and now VI gamers are more willing to accept a mouse as a valid input device. Before then you coldn't convince many people that a mouse was a good and viable input device for games no matter how you tried. They had to try it to believe it. Now, when it comes to this issue of full 3d verses 2d it is equally impossible to explain the advantages if you haven't tried it yourself. You have had, as you have said, many happy moments with side-scrollers, and bad ones with 3d type games. I don't doubt you for a minute. However, all I can say is wait and see what I can do, and maybe it will speak louder than words. I don't expect everyone to fall in love with a full 3d format, but a few might warm to the idea.


dark wrote:
hi tom.

I admit there might be some personal bias here. the move to 3d at one stroke killed my access to the vast majority of graphical games, ---- in fact I remember at the age of about 14 getting incredibly upset because I found mario 64 nearly impossible to play. i'd looked forward to it as much as I'd looked forward to the release of donkey Kong country or streetfighter 2 the new challenges, ---- but it was the most horrible confusing mess.

I admit, i see the logic of full 3d physics and movement, ---- but I disagree entirely on game experience. many of those combat situations and experiences are ones I can relate to, ---- but in 2D games.

In Super return of the jedi for example, i used to have huge fun fighting jaba the hut and devising different methods to beat him. Sometimes, i'd use Luke's reflect power to have all jaba's energy shots bounce off him, then stand in front of jaba slashing him up with my light Saber! at other times, i'd use luke's saber throw, and move the saber around the screen hitting jaba multiple times!

sometimes, ---- when i felt like at least vaguely following the film, I'd have laia go in with her staff spin attack then jump behind Jaba and hit him from there!

also the more modern the side scroller, the more interesting the situation. i remember for instance one section of Mega man Zero 2, when the neo arcadians are going to fly a plane carrying a bomb into the resistance base. After you (as zero), have made it onto the plane, the resistance com operator ciel warps in to defause the bomb, this means you have to completely protect her for 90 seconds from a hoard of neo arcadian soldiers, flying battle droids and other nasties!

the only way I found to do this successfuly was do a literally mmedaeval sword and shield weapon combination, using zero's shield boomerang weapon to reflect shots, then occasionally throwing it like a boomerang and switching to the famous Z saber to take out things which got too close.

I totally agree that thus far audio games have either been strictly speaking 1 dimentional left right only side scrollers, or 2 dimentional mazes (what would be termed top down from a mainstream perspective), with more complex navigation, ---- rather in the manner of the original doom on the Snes or wolfenstein 3D.

something completely 360 movement would be interesting to play, but mostly for freedom possibilities, and I personally don't see such a thing automatically trumping side scrollers, ---- or even top down view games, if they are well enough constructed.

Again though, this is just a personal opinion.

beware the grue!


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