Hi Dark,
Yeah, I agree. I think the thing we are both asking for is to push the envelope further than it has previously been pushed before regarding accessible gaming. Super Liam was a great game whenit came out, but it didn't go near pushing the side-scroller style game to its limits. Shades of Doom was a great FPS game for its time, but again failed to push the FPS style game to its limits. Topspeed was good, but doesn't have all the ritch features of Rail Racer. So, bottom line, whatever style of game we want to talk about there are areas not even started to be explored yet and limits still to push.

dark wrote:
Hi tom.

well i will certainly look forward to trying the 3D game and seeing what happens.

it strikes me however that as we've said in many posts, just as their are no true 3D games in audio, ---- until mota finishes developement, there won't be any true 2D ones either, and as you have said before, you were equally as unfamiliar with modern developements in side scrollers.

take a game like Turrican 2. A basic shooter, ---- but with complete free exploration of levels, swimming, ---- and even limited capacities for flight. We equally have seen nothing like this in an audio game.

I believe the ultimate value here is one of freedom and game design, ---- and that both can be either made or lost in any game setting.

I've experienced those things in 2D mostly, because I am visually limited in that way. You obviously have in 3D.

there are of course however, many more bad 2D and 3D ghames out there too.

i'd say there isn't particularly a debate about game viewpoints, more a set of values we believe a game should incorporate, ---- and different ideas of how to express those values.

yes, i'll most certainly play your next 3d project. Equally, I'm very much hoping Philip comes out with an exploration side scroller one day, ---- but i'll be looking for the same qualities of freedom, exploration, atmosphere and replayability in both games, ---- and if I ever do take the time to learn to progra myself, i'd hope that'd be what I'd try and create myself.

i'll get off the pulpit now! ;D.

beware the grue!


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