Hi Philip,
That's a good question. As for myself I've always been a big fan of FPS type games such as Sarah and Shades of Doom. Never really had any issues or problems with them. However, as I've found out when discussing my own future plans with people I've got quite a lot of requests not to go full 3d FPS for exactly the same reasons you mentioned below. Many blind gamers have no sense of direction in those games, find them difficult to play, and end up getting frustrated with them. So creating these types of accessible games could turn out to be a major turn off for some gamers. However, I personally believe they are more realistic, are better games, and is the way of the future for accessible games. We simply don't have that many high quality FPS games such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Halo, Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek Elite Force, etc. I'd love to see these kinds of games, but can't really find too many audio game developers and players that shares my more mainstream desire for these kinds of games. That is probably more to do with the fact I was sighted for many years, got hooked on those kinds of games before going blind, and most of the people on the list don't share the same experiences I have. As a result they don't have the same vision or desire I have to see all out FPS style games with true 3-dimensional game worlds. By 3d I don't mean just audio but a game world with an actual 3d layout with the ability to go north, south, east, west, up, or down as needed. A World with true 3d objects and so on. We haven't anything like this, but since you have said you don't want to do a full 3d environment this is all mute anyway. Since it seams you really want to create 2d games I'd say just stick with the side-scrollers. They are easy to create, many blind gamers find them easy to play, and you've had success with Q9. I've seen similar interest with Mysteries of the Ancients. Although, I'd love to create something other than a side-scroller many gamers constantly tell me how well they like the game, they would hate it if I didn't keep the game as a side-scroller, etc so I've concluded side-scrollers are quite popular with our customers. It's not a good idea to disappoint them.

Merry Christmas

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