Having played this game wit sight, the description below is pretty accurate. 
I have only a few things to add:

1. A trackball moved a plus sign on the screen. That was your targeting 
pointer. Where it was when the missile was launched is where it was going to 

2. Below each missile site, they had a graphical display of how many 
missiles there are, and how many left. I believe each site started with 10 
or 15 missiles. If you pressed a button for a site with no missiles left, 
the machine would make a low level beep to let you know that site was empty.

3. In the later levels, not only did the missiles come in faster, but they 
many times would split. Sometimes 2 or more from one missile. Sometimes even 
those missiles that split may split again. Those were the tough ones.

4. Once all your cities were destroyed, which only takes one missile, the 
game was over.

5. After each round, a bonus was calculated, and added to your score, for 
each missile and city left.

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Missile Command fired missiles at the target. The missile exploded, and
if the attacking missiles were in the blast radius, they would be
destroyed. The trick was leading the missiles and trying to get mor than
one in a blast since you only had a certain number of missiles per
round. The arcade concil game had three missile silos, on the left,
middle, and right, which protected your ten cities. It took longer for
the missile fired from the left silo to cross to the right side of the
screen, so you needed to set your targeting x appropriately when doing
cross-screen shots. Finally, at least on the arcade version, the
attacking missiles came faster in later rounds.

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