I don't hate the sims because of lack of playing. I've had friends who've played it, and who gave me opinions, ---- I just genuinely do not personally see the appeall myself. Even given the complexity, it seems there is no goal in mind, no overall thing to explore or targit to reach, just a lot of factors to constantly play with and random events to decide about.

However many factors this involves,---- and I do very much understand that it involves very many, far more than in alter ego or anything similar, I just find the idea not to be appealing myself, sinse for me, gaming is always about some form of exploration of some sort. Even in Toc, I find I enjoy the exploration and initial attacking phase of the game most.

As I said though, this might just be me and my preference (I have plenty of sighted friends who are not particularly fans of the sims either, ---- indeed my brother bought it and lost interest fairly rapidly).

It is true that probably to get something with as many complex factors as the sims games have would require far more resources than are available to most independent developers anyway, ---- ut perhaps if someone was interested they could start on a smaller scale and work up, ---- sinse creating some of those systems might be possible.

Personally as I said, it's not really something which interests me too much, ---- but this is preference. I'd certainly try that style of game if it was developed (I'll try anything), but it's not really among the graffical games I've been longer to play.

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