Hi Kevin,
No doubt about it writing a tool like BGT is a major undertaking for
one or two people. I spent three/four months converting my game
creation toolkit, Genesis 3D, from C# .NET to C++ and in many ways it
still isn't finished.  The only reason I was able to do it that
quickly is because C# is similar to C++ and I only had to make
modifications to the code and not rewrite everything from absolute
scratch. That saved me time as well as I didn't have to do as much
debugging and testing as I might have.
When I wrote the engine from scratch in C# it took me two years to get
it to where it was with Mysteries of the Ancients beta 10. That's a
lot of time and work worth saving if you can cut a corner do it.  Had
BGT been out before I started Genesis I may very well have purchased
it for USA Games just because of its features. $800 is a lot, but not
compared to what I would be earning releasing games every few months.

On 4/9/10, Kevin Weispfennig <kevin.weispfen...@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes, indeed. I didn't say that is is, over priced, I only said that I don't
> have enough money, and personally I fully agree with the $800 Price,
> because if you looked down the list that thom gave us... OH my! 20
> Thousand dollars for the Playstation SDK! But then again the big big
> companies like Rockstar games, or Midway, they can afford it because they
> make loats and loats of more money than they had to pay. We audio games
> developers are mostly 1-programmer-companies, which makes that even
> harder. And I think, but this is my personal opinion, that $800 is a
> really good price for a game creation toolkit, even sound encryption,
> which if phillip makes it like in q9, won't be as easy to hack. Also,
> sapi support... Well, in C++ or even in VB6 you have to creat com
> objects. But right out of the box, wichout even having to initialize...
> Also, let's think for a second how long he programs or sits in front of
> his Computer, to make something FOR US. I mean that is just... Well,
> yeah. It is awesome. And i bed it is not that easy, because if the code
> gets bigger and bigger and you need to change stuff around it is, quiet
> hard to find what you are looking for sometimes. I mean if you over
> comment then it is not that hard, but it takes far more time. With that
> all in Mind I will send this mail.

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