Definitely. I think people completely forget the fact BGT has a lot of
the hard work done. If a developer has to write something like PB
Streamway, for example, that's going to take time.  DirectSound 8 is
ok, but it has none of the features of Streamway like the support for
compressed file types, sound encryption, and doesn't even have a way
to load PCm wav files without you creating a wrapper class for that
purpose. So right there the audio support in BGT is first rate, and
better than DirectSound by itself.
Another thing that most new BGT users probably don't understand is how
much easier using it is compared to using C/C++ directly. For one
thing you don't have to mess with pointers which are always something
of a pain. Every pointer you asign you have to remember somewhere in
your program to release/destroy it to free up that block of memory.
Most people hear probably have no idea whatI'm talking about, but the
lack of having to deal with pointers is a very good thing for new
Also BGT seams to handle strings without worrying about unicode vs
ascii code. that's a good thing, because a C++ application written for
Windows generally gets pretty picky about string types. To pas an
unicode string to a string constant you have to do something like
LPWSTR strText = L"Hello world!";
which cconverts the words "Hello world" to unicode and stores it in
the string constant strText. We don't have to worry too much about
that in BGT which makes it much less confusing.
Bottom line, some of these people really have no idea what they are
talking about here. BGT is simple and easy to use which is worth its
wait in gold right there. The builtin features and simplicity of the
scripting language makes it a great tool to use for game development
if you don't have the years of experience as a software developer that
someone like me has.
Then, as I pointed out before professional tools cost money. Visual
Studio itself isn't cheep.  Oh, there is the Express version, which is
free, but it is also a very stripped down version lacking most of the
features and tools you get with  Visual Studio Pro. One of these
additional tools you don't get with Express is Microsoft Advance Setup
Installer which is really the best installation system for Windows.
There is Dotfuscator which helps a developer protect his/her .NET
applications from reverse engineering. On and on we can go. So if you
want to develope a game right and have all the pro tools you are going
to pay some serious big bucks for the tools, and still have to write
your own game engine from scratch. It isn't worth it for someone who
doesn't have that stuff to begin with.


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