Hi Dark,

Ah, that does make sense. However, I will say for the record future
games in the series will all be 3D First-Person style games and not 2d
side-scrollers. I wouldn't have  created MOTA as a side-scroller to
begin with if it hadn't turned out I had to create a game to replace
Montezuma's Revenge. Since I had promised to release a side-scroller I
changed my plans for Mysteries of the Ancients to bea a First-Person
game and decided to release it as a side-scroller. Unfortunately, that
decision has made me deeply unhappy with the game ever since. I'm
afraid to say I'll never fully be satisfied with it until I am given
the freedom to create the game I wanted and not the one the public
apparently wants.

The lesson I've learned is the only person who can make me happy is
mme, and I shouldn't be influenced too much about public opinion. Fact
of the matter is once MOTA is released I am going to be a lot less
open about customer input, comments, and suggestions. If it is
something I agree with, happen to like, etc sure I'll go ahead and do
it. If not they can just forget it. I'm a little tired of the constant
requests to add this or that when it clearly is not something I would
have added or done myself. It is my game, I should be able to create
it the way I want, but I haven't ever been allowed to really do that
ever since I started work on it. So future games in the series will be
done my way or no way at all. They can love it or hate it. I don't
really care.

Anyway, I see your point about possibly confusing weapons like swords,
knives, arrows, etc as they all sound pretty much the same. That's
something I hadn't really thought about, but makes a world of sense.
So I think I should probibly just leave things as they are in that


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