It isn't that the ideas are stupid, but more a difference in opinion
how the game should be created. One person might view a
suggestion/idea one way, and I may view it completely different. It
doesn't make that persons idea dumb or stupid, but may be something I
don't want to do as it conflicts with my own ideas, or limits my
creativity in unforeseen ways.

For example, one feature a lot of gamers wanted is random monsters and
treasure items. Ok, it is not a bad idea, but there are certainly
times where that wouldn't be desirable. There are always pros and cons
for randomly placing monsters and items. Here is a simple example of
what I mean.

Let's assume you have an underground lake or something filled with
water. Angela has to dive into it and gather up gold coins and
precious jewls like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, etc from the bottom
of the lake. Well, not just any monster can be randomly placed there.
You can't stick a centaur or harpy there as they can't breath
underwater so it would have to be something that can survive
underwater like a skeleton or a hydra. That rules out picking a random
monster unless the random generator is area specific.  Since creating
an area specific random generator is completely inpractical it rules
that idea out. The same goes for placing random items in the lake. If
I only want gold coins and jewls to be in it why randomly place them
there? You see my point?

When a gamer tosses an idea out there like let's have random monsters
and items they are only thinking how this feature will add replay
value or something for them personally. What they may not have
conciddered is that very same feature restricts the developer from
doing something else he might have done instead. You just
unintentionally limited the developers creativity by not allowing him
to create that underground lake filled with lots of gold coins, jewls,
and nasty skeletons.  They just don't stop to consider how their
suggestion or feature request might drasticly change the game like

There suggestion for random monsters etc has hurt the game in other
ways maybe not so obvious like balancing the game out so some rooms
are challenging and some are easy to pas through based on what is in
it. There might be a burial chamber filled with hundreds of gold coins
guarded by two very powerful centaurs. Given the treasure inside
obviously you would expect the challenge to be intense, but not
impossible.  The developer can balance the fight through trial and
error so it is the way he intends it to be. If you stick any random
monster there you are never going to get the type of challenge you
want because two skeletons, for example, aren't going to put up the
same kind of a challenge as two centaurs. Might make the game more
random, more replayable perhaps, but never going to provide the same
degree of challenge from game to game. It is also harder to test,
because the variables are never the same.

In other cases it just boils down to preference. I myself enjoy games
that are challenging. If they aren't reasonably challenging I won't
play them. That is just how I am, and why I want to create games that
have a high degree of challenge in them. However, I constantly get
requests to make this or that easier for gamer x, because he/she finds
the game too hard.

Most recently I have gotten quite a number of requests to have some
indication when to jump when the player gets close to a fire, spikes,
whatever. In my personal opinion that would make the game too easy,
and if I have to tell a player when to jump, rather than letting them
discover that on his/her own, i might as well take all the traps out
of the game. Why have them at all if they are just going to cheat

Of course, they often don't see such a request as cheating, but in my
opinion if you have to have a certain sound or the main character say
something to tell you when to jump over a trap then that's cheating in
my book.  I don't like game cheats, never have, and never will. So
obviously that opinion is going to conflict with any kind of
suggestion or idea that allows a person to cheat or simplify a trap I
intentionally tried to make challenging to jump over. If someone
doesn't want to play my games as designed, play by my rules, then go
play Super Liam or something else. I shouldn't have to compromise with
customers over the games design and difficulty level.

However, as you said this attitude/opinion will likely turn some
customers away. Turn them off simply because they can't have their
way. However, who is the primary person that I'm creating the games
for? Me or the customers?

Well, if you answered the customers you would be absolutely wrong. I
never started USA Games to create games simply for the customers. I
started it up because I wanted to create games that I liked, I wanted
to play, and make a little cash on the side by selling those games to
the public.  That's why I am so sorely bent out of shape over how MOTA
came out.

I wasn't planning on creating it for the customers. I was planning on
creating it for me personally. However, no thanks to the copyright
issues over Montezuma's Revenge I was stuck, and had to create
something to make good on my preorders.  Ever since then I have had to
put up with an endless stream of player input like I want a
side-scroller not a FPS game, I want random monsters, I want random
items, I want this, and i want that. I want, I want, I want. Can you
imagine how sick I get of hearing that when I was planning on creating
this game for myself not them, and the only reason I have created the
game as it currently is happens to be because I got screwed over the
Montezuma's Revenge copyrights?


On 6/23/10, Milos Przic <milos.pr...@gmail.com> wrote:
>    Hi Tom,
>    I would also be annoyed with those requests that are often stupid, and
> more often unwanted. You say that it is your game, but still, you sell it to
> the custommers. And there are people who would think this way: If the
> developer doesn't add the feature I requested, I will not buy the game most
> likely. And if you insist on refusing the requests and if you say openly and
> publicly "it's my game", you will make less money from it.
>    Don't understand this as an attack, just a thaught.
>    Regards!
>           Milos Przic
> msn: milos.pr...@gmail.com
> skype: Milosh-hs

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