Hi Shaun and all,
The "I feel stronger" message is spoken whenever Angela's strength is
restored to 100%. In the game there are various things using swords,
fists, daggers, jumping, climbing ropes, etc that use a little of
Angela's strength. However, after a while her strength meter will go
back up to 100% and she will speak that message. As a number of people
have asked or commented on that particular featureI wonder maybe if
that message should be removed as that happens quite often.
As far as health and strength power ups what in the world are you
talking about? There are no power ups. Simply if you drink a healing
potion over time Angela's health will restore to 100% rather than
restoring her health all at once. In this way it is more realistic as
it is like medicine. It doesn't work all at once and takes a couple of
minutes to take full effect. Strength and oxygen are restored
automaticly after a couple of minutes of rest as well.
As for adding shortcuts to the view menu I can't do that. For one
thing all of the trap objects are generic and on one level it will be
a fire, the next spikes, the next a chasm, or whatever I need it to
be. As a result it isn't going to show up in the same place in the
menu and I can't asign a specific shortcut to a generic trap object as
I never know what it is going to be from level to level or from game
to game. That leaves me with creating level specific shortcuts which I
simply will not do. It would take me forever and an
a day to do that. It took me long enough to rewrite all the view code
and place all the objects in a scrollable menu as it was.I consider
that feature pretty much complete unless there is a bug that needs


On 7/6/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> just played it for a bit.
> there are a couple things.
> All through the game I got strength message things so assume powerups.
> However if these are powerups I'd like to use them when needed.
> unless running and jumping need strength to.
> When I get to use the sword my strength is always critical.
> eventually I just run passed the monsters  and thats that.
> Also the issue of pressing control t to check the status of the torch
> if one is not lit then its lit exists, not this is left control on my
> keyboard.
> I like the new keyboard I was going to ask about changing the run and
> walk keys back but then it grew on me.
> I like it when I can charge a boss or so get in a few swings then run
> away again, recharge then charge again.
> I know this is not quite realistic but could health powerups and
> strength powerups make a noise when you get close like an object like
> a item or weapon does?
> also could i have an option when to use them.
> also if strength and health is good they shouldn't be used.
> Could I also have various commands in the view menu or have view do
> what it does but have it so you can sort things or hit letters ie
> traps like spikes can have s blades b lava l  and fire f.
> or just t could do everything or something.
> Right now if there are more than one  trap exists I have to scroll
> round the menu find and moniter what I am viewing.
> I'd also like to have the ability to track a trap, it would be like a
> warning however unlike  warnings in the game you could set it.
> that would have disadvantages.
> you couldn't see anything else till you jumped that trap.
> 2.  you would have to view that trap or set of traps to set it in the
> first place.
> 3.  that trap would only work in the room of the trap.
> Example.
> if I went into a room with a spike trap or 2 I could track both traps.
> or one at the time then the other automatically.
> If I went into the next room from those traps I jumpped over if these
> were things that you had to go back over the game would remember it
> was set then you would go back over.
> however if you went over the second time and back to the previous
> room the trap would unset.
> or something like that.

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