Hi Dark,
Lol! I do get your meaning. I guess the next logical choice would be x
as that key tends to be used in games for a variety of misc functions.
 the v key of course is now for the view menu, and d could be switched
with x for describe object rather than examine object. That would free
up c for crouch which would be the logical choice since Tomb Raider
Under World, Jedi Knight, and various mainstream games I played use c
for crouch/crawl.


On 7/6/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well Tom, if duck were c, going on ease of use lines, I'd assign speak
> coordinates to either v or d if you need x for other things.
> While this doesn't particularly have any logic in terms of acronyms for
> keys, it might be easier on the hands, ---- though you could call it the
> "dam I'm lost" or the ""Vere am I" functions ;D.
> Games like sound rts, rail racer and innumerable roguelikes like Angband
> have gone on this basis, and while I agree it does mean consulting key
> listings a litle more while at the start it can help with speed.
> in fact, sinse if I'm playing a game I don't particularly have my fingers on
> the home keys for touch typing anyway, where letter keys are used outside
> their function i actually just start of thinking of them as "general
> prupose" keys, rather the way i would think of buttons on a control stick
> being shoot, jump, change weapon etc.
> This is though just personal preference of course, and there are other
> methods.
> Certainly, where actual in put with a keyboard is necessary, as in an
> interactive fiction or mud game, I do actually use the keys as for typing.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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