Hi, Shaun.
As for the audio issue I have already fixed that problem. As I said in
a prier message it was just a case of the audio not being attenuated
correctly.I went back into the code and reset the values and now the
sounds are a lot louder and clearer than in the broken release you
guys downloaded Friday.
As for the crash I don't know what Hayri was talking about either, but
I can certainly say it absolutely has nothing to do with DirectX. As I
said in the change log I removed all DirectX support, removed the
Microsoft Win32 API, and a bunch of Windows specific code to make the
engine more or less Linux and Mac compatible. So if you are getting an
error about DirectX it sure ain't my games, because I have technically
dropped everything to do with Microsoft's Windows specific APIs in my
game engine.
As for the FPS version I've had to put that on hold while I worked on
the new cross-platform engine. I have an older version of the FPS
version, which is fairly stable, but the problem is that it still uses
the same version of the game engine as beta 13. So before I release
the FPS version I first need to fix the problems in the new
cross-platform Genesis Engine, port the FPS version to the new engine,
and then beta test it. So don't expect a release to be out any time
soon. Although, porting the FPS version to the new engine shouldn't be
too hard once the bugs are worked out of the new engine.


On 10/2/10, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well I decided to play the new version with a friend listening and he
> reconed he couldn't hear anything till it was right in front of him.
> I use the v command and the view for pits and spikes but its quite
> disconcerting.
> I have no idea what the exit crash was on exit but my friend said it
> was a directx crash, but did not give me any more info.
> naturally after I realised the update was buggy I went back to beta 13
> on that note when is the fps version supposed to come out, I realise
> you have been busy but wasn't this supposed to come out with this
> beta or a little after beta 13?

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