Hi Thomas,

Ah yes, that does sound like a nice idea though as you say, more than a little risky. I think the biggest issue for them may not be the fact that you use the Star Wars brand in a free product, but rather the fact that you're technically stealing sounds from an existing game. That may get them a whole lot angrier than if you had, say, tried to make your own blaster sounds. Of course it wouldn't sound nearly as good, but still; this is my primary guess.

All the same I shall be looking forward to giving it a try and attempt to offer some constructive critisism if I can.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip,

Ah, yes. What I'm basically considering is releasing a free
accesssible clone of Star Wars Mysteries of the Sith which was
released by Lucas Arts back in 1998. Of course getting around the
legal copyright issues is going to be a nightmare and I'm probably
going to post it to Sendspace, Dropbox, etc  or somewhwere anonymous
so Lucas Arts doesn't breath down my neck for trying to create a game
that I enjoyed playing when I still had some sight, and can't play any
more do to physical disability. At any rate I spent a few hours this
weekend during my free time to write up a rough draft of my ideas and
created a very simple level to begin testing things with.

For example, i drew a large room, kind of like a fighting arena, and
then placed various enemies in the room like storm troopers, AT-STS,
probe droids, torture droids, etc and then practiced using Mara's
light saber on them. Plus I added a few weapons I intend to add to the
game like detonators, trooper rifles, blaster pistols, etc and used
the enemies for target practice. As this is all pre-alpha stuff ththe
AI, such as it is, is pretty much a dumb bot that walks around the
room until I come into range and then it gos into attack mode and gets
slottered. The finished game will have a more intelligent AI for each
of the enemies, but the code I added was just temperary to get them to
do something besides stand around and look stupid as I shoot them or
slice them up.

As I told Ben earlier the purpose here is just to get the basics
working like force abilities, weapons, inventory menu in place, asign
keyboard commands to certain functions, etc. All very basic stuff.
Once the core of the game is done I can add actual levels to play
around with. Fortunately, with an existing game engine creating this
game won't take that long because I have already a basic draft of the
Alpha working without more than two days of work.

On 12/6/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
Oh I was refering rather to the 3d game that I was under the impression that
the original question was about, something with Star Wars if I have been
skimming list traffic properly. Smile.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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