Hi Thomas,
I think the GMA engine keeps sounds inside a room quiet until you open a door between the two regions.
Then even if you close the door, the sounds in the room are audible.
So the sounds are triggered by opening doors if there is one instead of walking into a region. If no door, then the distance fades sounds, but in a 2d you never hear sounds from rooms above. You could put a variable on each door to identify that it was between region 1 and 2 and if opened, then that would trigger the visited flag and turn on the sounds to region 2.

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Hi Phil,

Hmmm...I see. Well, you are right it is definitely too late for
something like that. We are talking a massive rewrite of the engine to
make the rooms and the sound regions separate objects. The way it
works now if you asign an item or enemy to room x sounds are not
triggered until the player enters that room. The code to randomly
place items and monsters, create the rooms, and the sounds all use the
same region objects for various purposes. One is tied to the other so
that it would take a massive rewrite of everything to undo all that.

The easiest solution would be to rewrite the UpdateBackgroundAudio()
function to stop sounds based on distance rather than sound region.
Problem is that there are times when this could be and would be
undesirable. If you happen to be walking under a room with stuff in it
you will here levers, torches, etc from the room above the one you are
in. Not cool at all seeing as you would want that stuff to be silent
until you entered the room. So perhaps a compromise would be to have
a boolean flag that says in effect if sound region is not visited keep
sounds silence, and if it is visited play the sounds. That way even
though you entered a new room the fire pit whatever still could be
heard from the previous room where sounds in the new room wouldn't be
triggered until you entered it.

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