Hi Philip,

Well...That too is the classic catch 22. According to the License
Agreement that came with Mysteries of the Sith, I just reread it, it
says you can freely create mods for the game but under no
circomstances can you use the sounds, musick, or graphics from this
game. Question is what's the frickin' point of creating your own Star
Wars mod if you have to create your own blaster sounds, Star Wars
music, and draw your own graphics?

Once again, that's  the entire problem with the whole copyright issue
for me. Yeah, I could probably could come up with lame sounds for the
light sabers, blasters, stuff like that but if it doesn't sound like
the official Star Wars sounds I'm not going to bother creating the
game. It is not Star Wars unless a light saber sounds like a light
saber and a blaster sounds like a blaster. Although, I am a musician
I'm nowhere in John Williams class so I can't even begin to create
music as inspiring and grand as the Star Wars music. If I go through
all that work with new sounds, music, I might as well call it Space
Wars. Grin.


On 12/6/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Ah yes, that does sound like a nice idea though as you say, more than a
> little risky. I think the biggest issue for them may not be the fact that
> you use the Star Wars brand in a free product, but rather the fact that
> you're technically stealing sounds from an existing game. That may get them
> a whole lot angrier than if you had, say, tried to make your own blaster
> sounds. Of course it wouldn't sound nearly as good, but still; this is my
> primary guess.
> All the same I shall be looking forward to giving it a try and attempt to
> offer some constructive critisism if I can.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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