Hi Kai,

Well, I don't think anyone is arguing with you on those points.
However, I will say for me personally if I load a game the last thing
I want to hear is something like Eloquence or ESpeak come up. No
matter how good or involving the quality of the game is the speech
will get on my nerves big time and will not make a great impression on
me. That's actually one reason I can't get in to the RS client for
Linux. It uses ESpeak, only ESpeak, for speech output, and I think it
sounds like crap. Since there are plenty of better sounding voices out
there like the AT&T voices, Cepstral voices, etc give me one of those
and I'll enjoy the games far better.


On 1/4/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I believe that I did say games with pre-recorded voices did usually have the
> highest quality, just the least configurability.
> And the quality of the game is, in my opinion, hardly dictated by the medium
> of dictation; someone could make a guess-the-number game with top-of-the
> tier professional actors and actresses, full ensembles, and the works, and
> it'll still be a boring guess the number game. conversely, someone could
> make a game with poorly recorded speech, or speech reliant on espeaks,
> slightly low-quality sound effects, but if their game is in-depth, full of
> detail and replayability, that game will ultimately be more enjoyable. Audio
> quality, while important, is not the fulcrum of a game's value or quality.
> Kai

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