Hi Dark,

Smile. Weather you love or hate fan fiction really wasn't my point. My
basic point was that I never got excited or caught up in all the hype
and fanfare the books and movies have generated. Yeah, I've read the
books, I liked them, but they weren't something I'd go to extreme
lengths to read. Let me explain that a bit.

Back in 2007, I think it was, the night before Deathly Hallows was to
be released my wife and I were watching the 11:00 news and the news
covered a story about people sleeping in there cars or litterally
setting up camp sights right in front of the stores'  entrences all
just to be among the first customers to go in in buy Deathly Hallows.
My wife and I both thought the people were a bit insane. What on earth
could compell hundreds or perhaps thousands of people to stay up all
night, have an all night vidual in front of a store, just to buy a
book. It is not exactly rational behavior. If you look at it
rationally if they gave it a week or so they could walk into any
store, buy it, and not have to deal with everyone trying to climb over
everyone else to get that book. Yet those people acted like it was the
next best thing to the second coming.

Then, I have this friend who reads those books at least once a month.
No kidding I might call him up, ask him what he is doing, and he'll
tell me he is rereading this or that Harry Potter book. I once asked
him if he ever got tired of reading them. His answer was something to
the effect they were the greatest books ever written. I disagree with
him on that mainly because I am a huge reader and have read a lot of
books. I've read books on history, the classics, science fiction,
murder mysteries, romances, etc and I walk away with a lot of
enjoyment from most books I read. For someone to say Harry Potter is
the greatest thing ever written is in a sense saying everything else
is second-class, and that's certainly not true at all. Bram Stoker's
Dracula and Margaret Mitchel's Gone With the Wind have been rated as
some of the greatest books of all time by readers and cridics. I have
read them myself, and deeply enjoyed the authors' works. Daniel Steel
writes some extremely compelling books I simply can not put down once
the story really comes together. Nora Roberts is another author who
writes some extremely good books. I could name lots mor authors I have
enjoyed far more than Harry Potter.Even so I'm not going to camp
outside the store just to get their next book in hard cover.

To get back to the point I like the books, but they are to me just
books. Nothing more and nothing less. However, I've observed that some
people go to extremes. They act like Harry Potter is the greatest
thing that ever was written, ever will be written, and it is almost
become a religion for them. You know what I mean?


On 2/7/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Actually tom, even though I am! probably a reasonably big harry potter fan,
> I avoid fan fiction like the plague sinse the vast majority of it is dire!
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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