Hi Tom.

It actually sounds like our motivations for playing games are quite similar,
even if our experiences are different.

While I've played computer games sinse the age of about three or four on the
Atari 2600 and then an amstrad cpc computer, I only really played them for
mild destraction, ---- odd as before my hemmerage at the age of 7, I had
considderably more vision and thus could play games like packman and
paperboy which would give me far more trouble now.

Turrican however completely changed this. The running around and shooting
enemies part was just fun, but being able to go literally anywhere, ---- as
you described to be able to see a place and wonder how to get to, to turn a
corner and suddenly find something new in the landscape, this was what
really gopt me interested in games, ---- that and the very awsome music.

A game like Gunstar heroes or metal slug where you just run through a liniar
level shooting things, i find relatively interesting, but I certainly
wouldn't play a game like that for the amount of hours I've devoted to

Not long after that I was playing games like Super metroid, which had
exactly the same appeal for me.

I actually didn't get into the mega man series until i found a second hand
copy of Mega man x for the Snes as late as 1999, but I absolutely loved the
game, and quickly tried to pick up as many others as I could.

in fact, the chief reason I bought a gba player was to play the Mega man
zero series, which have so much plot and such fascinating item systems they
boarder on being rpgs, ---- I will confess playing them without the ability
to read in game text was rather difficult.

Tomb raider unfortunately came out at the point in time when everything
seemed to be going 3D, and basically I was irritated with the entire gaming
industry, sinse having gone from a point on the Snes where a good few games
were accessible, and where I could join my friends in anticipating releases
like Donkey Kong country and Mario world, I suddenly found things completely

i have had some fun with beat em ups over the years, but generally what I
found interesting was seeing the different characters and endings, and the
stories attached to them.

I loved for instance the story mode of soul blade and soul calibur 2, which
essentially worked as a textual story (which I found a transcript of on
gamefaqs), interupted by the odd fight in the manner of an rpg battle.

What was even more fun, is often these fights changed according to what was
going on in the story, for instance your character would be poisoned, and
you'd have to survive a match with steadily dropping health, or you'd need
to fight a mgic spell and would have a match against an invisible opponent,
or you'd enter a set of tunnels below a volcano, and have a number of
matches in dungeon environments with flames beside the arena you could knock
your opponent into.

Sadly though, from what I've seen while some beat em ups like blazblu stil
have modes like this, others have gone into inaccessible story modes. Mortal
combat for instance has gone into full 3d beat em ups as story modes, which
would be completely inaccessible to me.
Even street fighter used to have a few special matches with character
dialogue, though that series, while having a strong background story never
had as much in game.

There really aren't though enough beat em ups with a sufficiently good, are accessible story mode to make it worth the money. Even though i've finished both mkda and soul calibur 2, I do stil have a lot of uses for my gamecube, playing game collections and gameboy advanced games, ---- which I certainly wouldn't have on a ps3 or Xbox.

Beware the grue!


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