Hi Phil,

Right. I certainly understand your point of view. Sadly this is yet
again another clear example of how far we have to go to catch up with
the mainstream in terms of gaming. You certainly have a valid point,
but as I said since I've been there and done that already, so to
speak, its less apealing to me than starting out fresh with new
characters, a new back story, etc. I guess what I mean by that is when
I see a new series like "Star Wars the Old Republic" I want to jump
right in with the current stuff rather than going back and revisiting
the classic Star Wars series.

For instance, last year Dark Horse comics began publishing a new Star
Wars series called "Star Wars the Old Republic" set between 3,600 and
3,700 years before the Star Wars classic series, and they introduced a
new heroine named Setele Shan. Setele Shan is to the Old Republic
series what Luke Skywalker is to the classic series. She is a Jedi
Knight, supposably a descendeant of two great Jedis of the Knights of
the Old Republic series, and is the main protagonist of the new
series. It starts out in Blood of the Empire with the Sith Empire and
the Mandalorians joining forces to invade the Galactic Republic. Newly
promoted Jedi Knight, Setele Shan, is sent to the frontlines to help
battle and stop the enemy forces. Eventually, her nemesis, Darth
Malgus, launches a strike at the heart of the Republic by invading
Alderan. Setele Shan shows up just in time to defeat Malgus, and and
the Republic manages to force the Sith back to the Outer Rim systems.
Where upon Setele Shan is promoted to the rank of master, and earns a
seat on the Jedi High Council. In 36,53 the Sith Empire decides to
make piece with the Republic and Setele Shan is sent by the Jedi High
Council as one of their chief diplomats. In the years following the
Galactic War Setele Shan eventually becomes a Jedi Grand Master and
the head of the Jedi High Council. Basically, the same position Yoda
would hold in the Clone Wars series and Luke Skywalker would hold in
the New Jedi Order series.

What I'm saying is that the new series is really fresh. Setele Shan is
now in comic books, starting to appear in novels like Deceived and
Fatal Alliance, is suppose to be one of the main npc characters in the
new Old Republic game from Bioware, and I've heard that Hazbro is
going to be launching an all new 2011 line up of action figures like
Darth Malgus, Setele Shan, Aryn Leneer, etc from the new comics and
games. Its not that using someone like Setele Shan in a game is
totally unknown, but very very new. However, you are absolutely right
that using someone like Setele Shan instead of someone like Luke
Skywalker could lead to a lot of questions about the main character,
the Sith Empire, and other elements of the game's story since not
everyone is a life long Star Wars fan like I am and don't keep up with
the latest news and information.

Anyway, when I said I was leaning against using Luke Skywalker and
other big name main characters like that I did not mean to imply that
I could never or would never use those characters in a Star Wars game.
After all, now that I have a game engine I could probably produce
several different Star Wars games set in different time periods using
different characters. Its just that right now my personal interests
are with the new stuff, and I'd like to experience the same things
that my fellow mainstream gamers have accesss to like the Star Wars
Old Republic series of games that are just now coming onto the market.
Since I was sighted when the Super Star Wars games came out back in
the early 90's etc that's pretty much old news to me. That doesn't
mean I don't like them and have no interest in creating something like
that it just feels like spending my time on something I've already
played before when I want to experience something new. Which is really
where the diference between the other gamers on this list and myself
come in.

I was sighted, experienced playing a various Star Wars games
first-hand before losing my sight, and while I wouldn't mind having
some accesible Star Wars games like that available I'd like to move on
and catch up with the mainstream Star Wars games. On the other hand
since the blind have had no access to games from the 80's and 90's its
all new to them. So for me it all comes down to a choice of spending
time working on creating a game similar to what I've played before
losing my sight, or starting out fresh with something new. I can do
both, but it also is a question of time and energy. Since I only have
a limited amount of both I'd prefer to start out, at least for the
time being, with something new and slightly original.


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