Hi Shane,

Well, I wouldn't go as far to say this 3d FPS game would be quite
hard. Challenging yes, but quite hard no. If you have ever played
Shades of Doom it would be a lot like that accept there would be a
virtical up/down axis to movement as well. Plus a number of additional
moves that a Jedi Knight might perform.

For instance, one move I use to do in the Jedi Knight games is perform
a spinning attack to kill multiple opponents at once. If you had a
number of enemy troops in saber range you could hold the left/right
arrow key down while using the saber to spin in place killing multiple
enemies at once. Diddo for something like a repeater rifle. You might
put the rifle on full auto spin in a circle and strafe the enemy room
injuring and killing multiple troops at once. You can't really do that
in side-scrollers.

Another complex, but cool move, I used before is a backflip. If an
enemy tries to attack you from behind you can force jump into the air,
backflip, and land directly behind the enemy who was trying to sneek
up behind you. You can probably cut him down before he is able to turn
and bring his weapon to bare on you. Again, this is something that has
been around in ages in mainstream FPS games, but has never really been
tried before in an audio game. We definitely won't get it if we stick
to triditional side-scrollers etc.

So to answer your message its more complex, but not difficult to do.
If anyone thinks its too hard etc it is probably more to do with their
utter lack of experience with this genre/style of game rather than any
real fundimental problem with it being hard by design. From my point
of view because so many blind gamers here have never actually had any
hands on experience with mainstream games they are scared to try new
things or doubt they can actually do it. They also get easily confused
in games like SOD in part because of poor spacial awareness, and
perhaps just lack of familiarity with navigating in that type of game.


On 5/10/11, Shane Lowe <shanel...@insightbb.com> wrote:
> Personally, I still like the game based on revenge of the sith.
> Side scrollers are usually what I profere, because the way your saying, this
> 3d would be yes... quite hard.

> hth,
> Shane

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