Reminds me of a great old amigar game called war, which was actually completely completely public domain.

It was a sort of mix betwene a simple stratogy game where you made space fleets, sent them to conquer planits, got resources etc, and a real time space battle where you actually got to fight as your own spaceships.

What was hilarious, is the very synthetic, flat, amigar workbench voice used to give sarcastic comments such as when it was your turn "over to you, emvrio head"

or "try your best, pathetic human"

When you lost, it got really sarcastic.

"The vegan fleet has been destroyed, I think I'm so sad I will commit suicide" or "I think your joystick is made of concrete!2

the fact it was so monotone and synthetic just made this even funnier, especially when it said things like " ha ha ha" or "bleeerr!"

Both a great use of a synth, and actually a pretty awsome game.

Beware the grue!


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