Myself, I'm a big fan of avg pc tuneup.

disk defrag, registry cleaning, junk file deletion, internet optimising and a lot of other handy stuff such as system backups.

Sinse I've been using it my pc has actually sped up no end.

Funnily enough though, the thing that has caused me most problems in windows, and the thing I hate most is user accounts.

The major crash I had a couple of years ago was due to uac file corruption, the reason i originally couldn't install the first version of net framework and thus couldn't play many games (including Tom's), was uac problems, my old laptop had issues with Uac etc.

When one person is using the machine, I really! wish you could just turn off all the user accounts log in rubbish and have everything install in all users, in fact I'm surprised microsoft never thought of this given how many single user machines are out there, ----- then again microsoft and thought don't really go together do they ;D.

While I know there are technically better systems, I'm afraid I personally will not be switching simply because most of the things I need to do are windows specific. The games I play, my dvd playing program, even my phd thesis is written in office.

While I imagine there are solutions for some of these on other platforms such as lynux (I know winamp can be installed on multiple platforms and that's my main music player), none of them will have the amount available that windows has, especially when it comes to games.

It just seems another case of vhs vs betamax. Betamax videos were more stabled, produced better picture and sound quality, and could hold more info than vhs.

Indeed, I used to have a good many betamax films including Flight of Dragons, ghostbusters and never ending story, sinse they tended to be cheaper than vhs and when i was growing up we never had much money.

Yet, vhs completely took over simply because more money was invested in promotion, sales and everything else, and it became the format of choice, thus we had to switch.

This is an inherent problem of capitalism, actually outlined by my friend Mr. Marx, that, despite what some people would have you believe, it's not the best! product that wins, it's the most prophitable.

Thus, in terms of windows, I have to take a pragmatic stance on what I use my computer for, and currently, that unfortunately means getting windows sinse the majority of stuff I do is windows specific.

Then, there is the technical issue. Mac's are currently waaaaaay more expensive than I'd want to spend for a desktop, and lynux, while an interesting idea is something I just don't feel I have the technical knowhow to deal with.

While I'm relatively comfortable in windows, the idea of doing all the compiling and looking through system files that lynux seems to need is one I don't particularly like, not when in windows everything is so much easier, ---- remember, I have no it qualifications or training whatsoever, and everything i know I've picked up either through trial and experience, or through chatting to some of my more qualified friends.

when recently my pc got a virus which pretended to be a crytical harddware error and I thought I'd need to upgrade, I was not looking forward to windows 7 and it's silly interface at all, but it's something I'm just going to have to cope with if I want to continue doing what I do with a computer, and doing it with the same ease.

Thus, while I appreciate the cross platform arguement, I'm afraid I'm a litle stuck trying to follow it myself, at least as far as lynux goes (mac's are rather too expensive for me to considder).

Beware the grue!


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