Hi Dark,


As for .Net I will say that .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1 had a problem
where it would add a special account that screwed things up for a lot
of people. Thankfully enough people complained about it so Microsoft
fixed it in .Net 2.0. and above. This problem wasn't uac, but .Net
causing a problem with useraccounts.

As for the issues of accounts being currupted, files getting mixed up,
etc again this looks like a nasty registry issue. Although, I have
never seen that issue myself I've heard of people who have had it, and
its not directly because of user accounts, but the way Microsoft did

I will say though given your problems you have the right to be
critical, upset with the way Microsoft has implemented account
management, but there is nothing you or I can do about it. It is what
it is.


On 7/2/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Actually, I do have the two accounts setup on windows sinse that's what
> windows does by default, and also I do appreciate what you say about
> security.
> However, if I list all the problems I've ever had with user accounts,
> perhaps you'll understand why I am so crytical of the uac feature as a
> solution.
> Back in 2004, when the university crashed Hal thanks to mcaffi, (quite
> another story), after that problem was fixed, I had to constantly log in
> with a different account to the one I started with, which meant a lot of
> shufling of files and mucking about.
> In 2006, when in fact trying to install netframework to play various games,
> my computer by default logged on with a different account, which i could
> only fix with a system restore to earlier point.
> in 2007, my mum's computer locked up because several files on her account
> became confused with my fathers on the same machine, and both of them
> couldn't log in and the hole thing needed to be reset.
> Also in 2007, my desktop's registry got changed so that it automatically
> booted with no account set, thus making it impossible to find programs or
> anything else, and this needed to be fixed by altering the registry
> (something I needed to get someone else to fix).
> In 2009, my account became corrupted, and once again, I needed to have
> someone restore all the data from it and create a second account on the
> machine.
> this is why I don't like Uac. While admittedly some of the problems could've
> been fixed by taking care of the registry (something I obviously now do with
> pctuneup), many more were directly caused by uac.
> While I understand it's logic for businesses, and the security point, as an
> overall feature given all these problems it just seems very buggy to me, and
> why I say 90 percent of computer problems I've ever experienced have been
> tied to uac.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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