Hi Tom.

true regarding the registry and pc tuneup, I just like it because it has a very user friendly interface, and does many useful tasks around your pc.

As regards lynux, my assumption about compiling and technical knohow wasn't based on any sort of advertizing statement by microsoft or anyone else (I wouldn't trust those sorts of opinions).

it was based entirely on what I have seen on pages for cross platform applications and games.

while your cross platform mota engine I believe, will just download and work on lynux as easily as on windows, I've seen to many games, angband, rocksndiamonds, even winamp that say things like "will compile under lynux with binary x" or "here is the source code to compile and run under lynux"

Thus, my assumption is based entirely on what I've seen.

if lynux users want to let the rest of the world know how easy things are to use, why are the instructions always so complex?

to prove my point, here's what it says about running the graphical puzle game engine rocksndiamonds on lynux.

Compare this to windows just downloading and unzipping the game, or even just downloading the exe.

Note for Unix users:
The above download archive for Linux contains a binary that should work
on most Linux systems. It only requires X11 (the X Window System), and
therefore has some limitations. For example, it has no fullscreen support
and also no MOD/MIDI/MP3 music support.
To enjoy all features of the game on your specific Linux platform, rebuild
the game using the SDL libraries! To do this, or to build the game for a
different Unix platform like FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Irix or
others (the game is known to compile and run on all these Unix flavors),
just get the latest SDL libraries (SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and
SDL_net) and recompile the game from the source code (which is
included in all above download archives). After you have extracted the
archive, type "
make clean ; make sdl
" -- that's all!
Requirements for compiling the game:
- to build the SDL version, you need the following SDL libraries: SDL,
SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_net
- to add MP3 support, you also need the SMPEG library
- on Unix systems, the game can also be compiled with plain X11

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