HI Dark,

Yeah, I have heard some good things about AVG's PC Tuneup. That said,
any tool that can maintain the registry, remove temperary files,
delete expired cookies, make sure the hard drive is properly
defragged, and so on will dramatically speed up the system and improve
over all performance because you eliminate all the trash causing it to
run poorly.

An improperly maintained Windows PC is kind of like a clogged drain.
Over time the drain fills up, bits of food and other garbage builds up
in the drain pipe, and water begins to back up in the drain, go down
slowly, and it doesn't do what it is suppose to do. If you get a
bottle of Liquid Plumber  or Draino, pore it down the drain, it will
clean out the garbage and the drain will work again. Installing a tool
like CCleaner or PC Tuneup is the Draino of Windows as it unclogs the
garbage effecting Windows, and more or or less restores things back to
factory specifications which is what you want.

As far as my earlier point, my argument wasn't that anyone should
switch to Mac or Linux. I merely wanted to address how other operating
systems handle global settings, and that they don't have a registry.
Microsoft's registry is a technical problem they will not address, and
the main reason is it is because of security reasons. Since Microsoft
and other companies are in it for the money the registry is
intentionally created to be not very user friendly, they do not share
much information about it to non-programmers, and for security reasons
product keys and other sensitive information is stored there. Since
sensitive information is usually stored in the registry obviously they
don't want the average Joe poking around in there. While I understand
their reasons it still doesn't excuse the fact other operating
systems, who have chosen not to use a registry, don't have half the
issues/problems as Microsoft has with the registry.

As for your point about capitalism you are absolutely right. Rarely do
the best products and services become the most popular or the most
well known. I think most of that is do to misdirection, negative
advertising campaigns, and the ability of the rich to spin their own
version of the truth.

For example, you said you don't want to do all the compiling and
looking through system files that Linux needs. Let me just say this is
a classic case of misinformation and someone is obviously playing on
your ignorance because it simply isn't true.

Yes, there are the technical gurus who like to compile everything from
scratch, manually edit settings files from hand, but what you haven't
been told that this is completely optional.

If you select a name brand distribution such as Ubuntu, for example,
they compile and package all or most of the Linux applications you
need and all you have to do is download and install them just like any
other application. No compiling involved on your part. They also have
graphical tools to configure and setup your Linux operating system
meaning you don't have to look through system files and edit them by
hand. Most of the time Linux is just as easy as Windows to use if you
use a graphical environment like Gnome that is very like Windows.

My point here is that somebody has obviously told you something,and
you are now convinced you need a hire education and some expert
technical skills to use Linux. If you don't want to use it for
personal reasons I certainly understand that. However, I will say is
that you shouldn't believe everything you here because Microsoft would
like nothing more than to convince you that Linux is too hard to use,
that it is too complicated, and their OS is the easiest, the best,
whatever. Misdirection and misinformation is their best friend.

I guess I just find it a bit ironic you are aware of how comercial
companies discredit their competition, and turn right around and say
the very thing they want you to say to discredit their competition.
Unfortunately, most customers do the same thing, and are holy unaware
of their own ignorance on the subject and can't tell what is true or
not.  In that way Microsoft is able to hold onto their software
monopoly simply by preying on their customers ignorance of the issues
at hand.


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