I think with everything that happened, the focus got shifted from 1 problem, to 
another.  It's a little like going to the doctor for a broken toe, but getting 
shot while in the waiting room.  Of course the bullet wound is a more pressing 
matter, so everyone turns their attention to That! problem.

After a few hectic hours, you sit in a hospital bed with your gunshot wound 
repaired and bandaged, but you still have your broken toe.  Thomas' return 
reminds me of this.

The actual issue was about Thomas pushing his programming practices onto other 
developers.  Whether he admits it or not, he makes comments that put others 
programmers down, in order to raise himself up.  The excuse was that he never 
meant to come across as condescending, but the problem was people being overly 
sensitive, and misunderstanding his comments.  Only a fool would believe this 
is the true problem here.  If he honestly has only good intentions in his 
posts, to other programmers about what methods they use, why then, would he 
continue to write those posts even after people tell him they don't want to 
hear it anymore?  This kind of reoccurring pressure is the problem that started 
this entire thing.  Lets not forget about the broken toe that brought us to the 
hospital to begin with!

Of course as thread went on, people got irritated, and things heated up.  While 
"defending" his actions, Thomas write all about his marriage problems.  This 
was completely unrelated, but everyone went off on That! topic, because it 
seemed more pressing.  His raving, curse filled attack of Che, became an 
entirely new problem.  Now we were focusing on his vulgar language, and how he, 
a moderator, reacted when faced with a post he didn't like.  Once again, focus 
shifted to something that seemed more pressing.

Now that Thomas is back, and he has written his apology, we find ourselves in 
that hospital bed.  In many people's minds, his home life situation, and his 
apology, have mended the wound caused by his cussing rant.  People have 
discussed how unfair it is for people to pressure him about his game releases, 
so that wound is treated and healing.  But we are still sitting in the hospital 
bed with this broken toe.

Of course there are exceptions to this, but in general, the people here, who 
are not developers, were the ones who pushed focus off of the way developers 
have been treated because it is more important for them to focus on the other 
issues.  Well the other issues have been taken care of now, and time will 
likely heal those wounds.  We can't just ignore a problem because it doesn't 
specifically impact us, because the point is, it is affecting Someone!  If 
anything good is going to come out of this situation, it has to be the fixing 
of the original problem, otherwise we are right back where we started!

Thomas, I respect you as a developer, but you have a few things you need to 
work on.  We all have faults, but the important thing is that we acknowledge 
them so that we can keep them under control.  I laugh about it on the list 
sometimes, but the truth is, I honestly DO! have a Fault! that I can't stick to 
a single project for very long.  When I work on things, I must finish them 
within a certain amount of time, or I know I'm in danger of dropping it for 
something new.  This is a huge annoyance, but since I've learned I can't help 
it, I must change my behavior accordingly.  I believe You! must do the same.

You may not see it this way, but to many people around here, you come across as 
an elitist programmer, who puts himself above everyone else.  When you give 
"advice" and "suggestions", you strongly appear to be putting others down who 
disagree.  In the past I have seen other developers harassed by you in this 
way, and after stepping in on one of those conversations, I too started being 
badgered endlessly in the same way.  Only after finally losing my temper, did 
you stop pushing your views on me, and as it turned out, this was only a 
temporary break.  The events that unfolded recently, were a direct result of 
you jumping into a Castaways thread, to push more of that Same! views you had 
been asked, and told, were offending people.

I personally think you Are! an elitist, based on much evidence written in your 
posts, but even if you Aren't!  That is how you come across to other 
developers.  I suppose in the end, how others perceive what you say, is the 
most important thing to consider.  So, I can't stick to a project, and you 
offend other developers with "advice".  We both have our faults, and we must 
both alter our behavior so that the faults don't get in the way.  For me, I 
know that if I'm going to start on a project, I need to push myself 100% so 
that it can stand on its own before my problem kicks in, and I abandon it for 
something new.  For you, well I believe you need to simply stop giving people 
programming advice, unless they specifically ask for it.  I also don't think 
this means someone asking 1 question, should lead to a 10 post long campaign 
about why you should, or shouldn't, do something.

>From what I can tell, we are both degree holding programmers, both graduates 
>from respectable universities, and both clearly interested in making audio 
>games.  After that, our views, opinions, and styles are clearly about as far 
>apart as they can get.  If anything, this only proves that any method can be 
>the right method, depending on the person.  As far as I can tell, I've never 
>pressured you about your programming methods.  In fact, I think I've even 
>defended you in situations, where people began comparing our different 
>approaches.  All we (the developers) ask, is that you show the same respect.  
>Don't try to change anyone into another you, but rather support them in being 
>who They! are, and what They! want to do.

This is rather long, but I've said, what I believe, needed to be said.

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