I've got to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the strategies from you 
guys.  I love how, every now and then, one of you would suggest something I 
don't normally do in my own strategies, but when you explained it, it would 
seem like such a good idea that all I want to do it go apply it to my own game. 
 Haha, I am so pleased that nearly everyone can play the game differently, 
because there is no single Right! Way! to succeed.

The idea of having no cook, and just assigning one when it is needed, scares 
the crap out of me.  I don't think I would have the guts to go that route, but 
honestly, if you can balance it without killing your people, that Is! an extra 
worker to help in other areas.  Very efficient, just also very scary, for me at 
least haha!

There is a whole different side of things, that we never asked Bryan about.  
How are your buildings arranged?  Even if you have the same number of peasants, 
buildings, and knights, you could have very different results depending on how 
they are arranged.  If Dark puts a guard tower right near the Goblins, but you 
do not, his knights will be considerably more effective at defense because they 
won't waste so much time walking back and forth.  This also holds true for 
peasants moving supplies around.  The peasants will work on construction 
related, food related, and core resource related jobs first (in that order), so 
to do other jobs you need more peasants than those jobs are requiring.  If they 
have to all walk farther, your settlement might not have the extra manpower to 
do other things, while another settlement might, even with the same number of 
workers.  This might not be the case, but I do think building arrangement is 
worth taking a look at.

I was telling Dark a little earlier, I'm looking into a way to manually adjust 
the job priorities for your peasants.  It will be a bit time consuming for me 
to do, but it will give people a little more freedom.  As someone who has 
actually Been! adjusting priorities, albeit from a coding standpoint, it is 
very easy to kill the whole town by saying something as innocent as "Carry 
wheat before you carry vegetables".  The effects ripple out in ways you don't 
always predict, so even when I add this feature, I will recommend against using 
it, except for people who feel comfortable dabbling into this more advanced, 
and risky, direction.  lol!

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