Hi Brian,

Yes, there are certainly some gold quality audio games out here. Most
are designed by self-taught amateur programmers and there are a couple
of us who have college degrees developing audio games. Either way
there are a number of us now programming audio games, and a few like
GMA continue to advance audio game technology toward standards similar
to mainstream video games. Its really amazing how far it all has come
in say 15 years or so.

As far as audio games crashing I'd have to have a list of your system
specs. If you are running Windows 7, for example, you would have to
install the Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries as those are required by
a number of audio games written in Visual Basic, and Microsoft no
longer ships those specific libraries with anything newer than XP. You
may need a Sapi voice, at least the default Sapi components for your
versions of Windows, as a lot of audio games use Microsoft's Sapi
engine for text to speech output. However, without seeing a list of
your system specs and not seeing an error report its hard to say what
exactly might be the problem from my end.

By the way, I don't want to embarrass you, but my name isn't HTH. That
is internet shorthand for "hope this helps" or "hope that helped"
depending on who you ask. My name is actually Thomas.


On 7/29/11, brian glass <brigl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi HTH,
> Thanks for your detailed response. I apologize for being naive of the
> terminology, as I am unfamiliar with this gaming world, hence my desire to
> reach out and learn. I guess I considered "video games" to be synonymous
> with "electronic games" in general, and until yesterday didn't even make the
> connection between "video" and "visual"-- I just took that for granted, so I
> think the phrase "audio games" is a great and useful phrase for this
> purpose.
> I am encouraged that I keep hearing the same responses about Shades of Doom,
> Castaways, and Sound RTS. This tells me that there are in fact "gold
> standard" games in this industry, which is a good thing.
> I have tried Audio Quake, although I couldn't get it to run. In fact, a lot
> of audio games I've tried simply crash right away and don't run. I wonder if
> that is a common problem, and something needs to be tweaked with my audio
> card settings?
> Thanks again for your help, the feedback has been great!
> Brian

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