Hi jeremy.

You are indeed correct in terms of games like castaways and time of conflict, however games where the player has a single viewpoint but where the environment or mode of the game are themselves complex are quite another story.

lone wolf is probably the best example.

you control a submarine in full 3D, but have huge amounts of stuff to track, your dicrection, enemy movement, what your sonar is doing etc.

3D velocity is very much another game in a similar mould, sinse your aircraft is flying in real time, but it's control, weapons, and the position of the enemies are all complex things to monitor.

In Sarah, there are a lot of in game objects in the environment, and often you need to be very fast in reacting to things like ghosts chasing you or the nastiness of Mr. filch, all while dealing with full first person movement. Even in the more complex brand of racing games like rail racer, there are various factors about your car and where it is going to be taken account of.

While I think you are certainly correct that the lack of ability to voerview a huge amount of information in audio does mean games must be played more slowly, this does not necessarily always translate into making games pausable, often, as in the case of tdv and lw, it usualy just involves the player work harder.

Btw, the extra effort and engagement with the environment involved to play something as simple as audio pinball, breakout or packman actually imho makes the games far more interesting to play than the standard graphical versions.

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