Hi Brian,

Hmmm...That's sounds like a tall order. As I think Dark said earlier
fast reaction time and keeping track of multiple things at once aren't
necessarily how audio games are played. To explain that let me use
Shades of Doom as an example.

Yes, the game is in real time, and a gamer can use his or her ears to
identify the location of multiple enemies and items in the room.
Experienced players such as myself are very good at that and I can
track and kill multiple enemy creatures based on sound alone. However,
Shades of Doom also has a few accessibility features that you wouldn't
necessarily find in a video game.

I could at any time press the d key, which would freeze the game, and
bring up a spoken menu of enemies and items in the room. Down arrowing
through such a list might tell me there is a cyborg straight ahead, a
mutant human to the left, and a med kit to the right. This in effect
is like calling a time out, allowing me to look at the room, and when
I press excape to resume game play I have a more specific idea of
where everything is located in relation to my player character.  This
pausing the game now and then to look around simply isn't something a
sighted player would do with a video game, but such features exist in
Shades of Doom and other audio games to help people who are having
difficulty with keeping track of multiple things at once in real time.
I generally don't use this feature myself as I don't need it, but
there are players I know of who use that d key as a life line.


On 7/29/11, brian glass <brigl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for the information. It sounds like you have a lot of experience in
> this industry. I am looking for a game which requires fast reaction time,
> but also for you to keep track of a lot of things going on at once, which is
> why I thought strategy games would be best for my purposes. I am really
> trying to tax the user, to keep him/her engaged as well as offer a
> stimulating experience which can keep the player interested for roughly 50
> hours of total gaming (over the course of about 8 weeks)
> Thanks for your help,
> Brian

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