Hi Jeremy,

That's pretty much what I have discovered as well. By opening the game
up to public review and testing I've gotten a lot of feedback on what
works and doesn't work and what people like and don't like.

For Instance, in some prior betas I tested out FMOD Ex as a possible
replacement for DirectSound on Windows and OpenAL on Linux. That
testing showed that the majority of gamers weren't satisfied with the
end result because it didn't pan as smoothly or as well as say
DirectSound. I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't tested it with the
general public and might have licensed it for my engine and released
it in v1.0 not knowing my customers' thoughts on the matter. By that
time it would have been too late to remove it as FMOD costs hundreds
in licensing fees, and after paying that much to use the API it
wouldn't be a simple matter to take it out and use DirectSound or
something else. So I'm very glad I found out early on that it wasn't
going to work, and I didn't have to spend money on licensing it.

On the flip side I introduced true analog jumping in beta 18, and
while a few people still have issue with it most are at home with it.
Especially, Dark and a few other guys who have some vision and play
some mainstream console games and are familiar with the concept.  So I
have found out through testing that analog movement and jumping
similar to mainstream games can be done in audio only. Public testing
has really given me a clear idea of what works and what doesn't.


On 8/2/11, Jeremy Kaldobsky <jer...@kaldobsky.com> wrote:
> I'm close to releasing my 16th beta, and it hasn't even been a month I don't
> think.  I believe Thomas has the right idea with releasing betas for the
> community to give feedback on.  This is not only a good way to catch bugs
> that show up on different people's systems, but it also allows people to
> voice concerns about things he may consider changing or tweaking.  I am a
> strong believer, that involving the community during development, will lead
> to a better product.

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