Hi Shaun,

That doesnt' particularly bother me. If they want to joke and poke fun
at what I'm doing it just goes to show their own ignorance. I'm pretty
certain most of those doing the joking and poking fun wouldn't know
how to write their own name in C++ let alone a complex game engine
like Genesis 3D or a game as complex as Mysteries of the Ancients.
Given the fact they are ignorant of how much time and energy it takes
for a project of any size why would I bother giving their words any
weight. That's kind of like the patient telling the doctor how to
perform surgery when he himself has never gone to med school.

As to the matter of waiting for v1.0 I could certainly do that, but
there are a number of things I'm testing. I might be testing changes
in the engine, changes in the game itself, and of course something
like switching from the fixed jump system in beta 17 and earlier to a
true analog jump system in beta 18 and later requires a bit of public
testing to see if it works right and if the majority of the customers
can handle it. Again this is something they don't probably have any
idea about what I'm doing so they aren't exactly an authority on how a
developer, in particular, how I go about testing various changes in
the product.

Finally, as to how many betas there are I'm not the only developer on
earth who has had several betas. I can't remember the exact number but
I seem to recall Che released sevral betas for Rail Racer before it
went gold. It was something like 35 or 36 that I recall. Most of them
were just small patches that fixed one or two things in the prior
beta. However, I don't recall anyone poking fun at Che for releasing
several betas on the Rail Racer list. In either case this is the
developers own decision to release 35 betas or space them out and only
release two or three major betas. The community at large shouldn't
have anything to say about it.


On 8/1/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On that note all the cross platform stuff is a good idea but maybe
> not for v1, though saying that all these new concepts that are going
> in are going to generate loads of headakes for users.
> And I have no problems waiting, its more that people that have
> preeorders in may be a bit angry which is understandable but usually
> if this was a standard project you wouldn't have this if it was your own.
> I aggree that we should probably just wait for v1 on the forum on
> audiogames many joke and complain about there being to many betas etc.
> Ok some of them are just mean and want to be flamed but yeah I wasn't
> going to say it but we probably should just wait for v1 then release then.

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