Hi Phil,

Well, I guess you can think of it as variable jumping, but analog
jumping is the technical term for it so that's what I went with. I
guess that's because I tend to be atechnical kind of guy. :D

As for the new view command I like it better this way as well. I got
sick and tired of looking through the menyu for something when I could
just press v and have Heather speak everything in real time as I run,
jump, or whatever. Plus this way is much much easier to update as
well. For instance, one thing I didn't add but will be adding soon is
the ability to tell you were the staircases are. With the old menu
system it took twice as much work to add them to the view system where
this way I just write  however many if statements I need and its done.
Much much simpler to update on the fly.

I also like the e command. I just press e and I get instant info were
the enemy is, how far away it is, and on the fly information in a
combat situation. That has been a big help too.


On 8/16/11, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I like the new weapon sounds and of course the Heather voice.
> I'm still getting used to the analog jumping technique.
> Maybe a better term would be variable jumping.
> I am also getting used to her not saying the door is locked.
> It is reasonable that if the door is locked she would not say anything nor
> would she crash into it.
> I especially like the descriptions when hitting v.
> I find it quicker and easier to hear everything rather than having to arrow
> down to what I want.
> Thanks,
> Phil

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