Something I've noticed in Mission Three is that, when I tell a person to become 
a soldier, he is a soldier right away, not a 
soldier training to become something else.  This is true when the baracks 
contains suits of armor, horses, and/or cloaks.
Then, because my soldier is so weak compared to the enemy fighters who are 
specialized, he always gets killed.
This happens about every fifth or sixth time I tell someone to become a soldier.

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Well, I don't wanna do mission 3 until I can complete mission 2, but heres
my problem. First off I think that killing is a little accessive, it takes
so long to get new people that losing them really hurts you I think that the
process of new people needs to be sped up a lot. It's really irritating when
I finally get my beriks and all that built and start finally getting what I
need just to make my soldiers and then bam, yetti's come down and attack and
kill my people. And then if I try to build beriks right away and not food
making places then my guys start dying off of starvation, then having to
build houses on top and that, and wait the rediculous amount of time to wait
for your children to grow up and your women to have the children, it doesn't
really leave much that you can do, not to mention the goblins that swarm you
so fast that your better off just ignoring them because you make no progress
their. And might I say, I'm playing on easy.

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