Kelvin, you bring up a good question about the troop types.  When you are 
attacking the enemy using the war tent, then there is absolutely no question 
that 5 of each type is better than 10 of each of only 2 types.  Mission 3 
really helps illustrate the importance of sending in different types of troops. 
 I'm sure most of us are far less worried when 1 group of 5 knights shows up, 
than when 5 different groups with 1 of each soldier type shows up.  Even though 
they are weaker individually, they can spread out and cause havoc in 5 times as 
many places!  In that same way, when you spread our your army in raid groups, 
you deal far more damage to your enemy.

When defending, you have a pretty good strategy already I would say.  Since 
there are 4 skilled troop types, rather than 3 in a rock-paper-scissors plan, 
choosing any 2 which are opposite each other will make a good defending army.  
Of course, if you did happen to have all 4 types it would more completely cover 
all of the fighting advantages.

I wanted the troops to mirror how the food works.  Creating a huge stockpile of 
Knights is a lot like feeding your people all meat.  It is simpler to set up 
and you tend to be quite efficient while producing more and more of the exact 
same thing.  With the meat, your people are far less efficient than if they 
were being fed multiple food types, and with only 1 troop type you are missing 
out on the combat advantages each different type has.  Each new good type you 
add, represents more planning and work, and tends to be the mark of a more 
skilled player.  More often than not, the most skilled Castaways players seem 
to quite easily balance 2 or 3 food types when they used to struggle with just 
1 as beginners.  Troop production should mirror that.

Struggling to maintain a knight-only army will likely transform in to players 
who almost effortlessly maintain armies of 3 troop types, and perhaps even 4.  
It is a little bold of me to make this prediction, but it appears to have gone 
this way with food production and the underlying risk/reward system is nearly 
identical for soldiers.

> agreed about the enemy gets stronger
> so much faster than most normal players 
> can! i tried to delay on the start of the catapault
> building, trying to 
> build a big army to fend off enemy troops, but i must say i
> failed big time! 
> i choose to produce about 10 knights and 10 cavalry, and it
> totally did not 
> went as i expecte it to haha. i love battles, but i guess i
> will have to 
> produce more types of troops i guess. 1 question here is,
> is 5 of each type 
> of the 4 different troops stronger than 10 of each type of
> 2 troops? i only 
> made knights and       calvary
> because i think they arequite balance because 
> knights are strong but slow and calvary are fastest but not
> as strong, also 
> becauserangerskill my knights, and my calvary will kill
> them in return. 
> likewise, pikemen kills my calvary but my knights kills
> them too. my 
> thinking is either to build an army of knights and calvary,
> or rangers and 
> pikemen will really balance the fighting strengths and
> weaknesses but guess 
> not really. so is there a point of building a big quantity
> of 1 type? or 
> should i just make 1 each instead of 4 of a kind.

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