You might be on the right track with that idea.  I'll admit, while searching 
for the solution to these priority problems, I've been pretty much ignoring any 
solutions that would require me to totally overhaul the existing AI.  I think 
many of us remember back to when the alternative jobs were first coded in haha! 
 The original AI was designed very well for what it was intended for, but 
because it wasn't part of the original design, the idea of secondary jobs had 
to be patched in in a somewhat sloppy manner.  I've gone through it several 
times to clean things up, but it will never run as nicely as it did when it was 
following the initial design.  In that same way, if I have to fundamentally 
change the AI again, it would require another sloppy patch job that would end 
up introducing about a hundred bugs I'd need to fix.  I'm avoid that if at all 

> I imagine it's quite hard for the AI
> to know what should be prioritised at different times of the
> game. Every1 plays differently. So I think if we have the
> ability to manually set a building on the map as their
> priority to give supply of resources to might work better.
> 锦发/Steady Goh

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