Kai, I think it's been about 10 years since I last did game controller input so 
I'll probably hold off on that until later, if I end up adding it at all.  I've 
never personally cared for using game controllers for playing games, so I never 
really developed for them in any of my games over the years.

When it comes to sounds, I believe you have proven yourself in Castaways.  
Please feel free to change any sounds that you think you can improve.  If you 
have sounds for the guns that would be excellent, and I could also use some 
type of sound for flies buzzing around a corpse if you've got one.  For the gun 
sounds, I originally had them separated but later switched to pre mixed sounds. 
 The lack of variety is a price I'm willing to pay for increasing the number of 
zombies and sound sources.  As a zombie game, I have to anticipate situations 
when there will be many enemies swarming you and cutting those little corners 
helps.  I currently have a gun shot sound, a gun shot followed by an impact 
into a zombie, a gun shot followed by an impact into a wall, and a gun shot 
followed by the death of a zombie.  There are a few variations to these, which 
just have a number after them.  Feel free to include a few versions and I can 
have the game randomly pick which
 one to use.

If the out of ammo and reload sounds for the guns are different, you can 
include those as well.

I need to sit and come up with a list of phrases that I will need spoken by 
volunteer voice actors.  It's hard to plan that out in advance though, so I 
will start small with more generic speech.

> Greetings jeremy.
> I'm inclined to agree with the majority of sentiments. It's
> your project, given at gratis, so do with it as you see fit.
> If the mouse movement system affords more control, then why
> settle for the clunky keyboard method?
> Question: Have you any familiarity with game controller
> input code? If yes, I think that'd be a nice alternative
> input method, since you could probably do the same with a
> game controller as with a mouse, and given that most
> controllers have analog support, you could even control
> movement speed by the position of the joystick.
> BTW, this is really lame, but I love drawing zombies
> towards the south shack, running deep inside it, then
> sniping them off, since they then move straight in.
> Re: weapons sounds: Do you prefer premixed sounds
> (gun+impact, gun+ricochet, etc), or can you code the game to
> play one sound then delay playing the next? If you can do
> the latter, it'd open up more room for audio variety
> (slightly varying impact sounds, slightly different
> ricochets each time, etc).
> If you prefer premixed audio (which, admittedly would be
> much easier to implement), I'll mix them before submitting.
> Kai

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