While I was at work I was giving the code a lot of thought.  Currently I've 
been offering a few ways to control movement which has been giving people more 
variety, but is also making it very difficult to design things.  I don't mean 
to imply that designing the movement is difficult, what I mean is that the 
people falling into the different control categories all have very different 
abilities.  The people using steering can navigate terrain that the keyboard 
users simply can not.  I've realized that this has been forcing me to work on 
the map while catering to the most restricted group, and in a way that's a bad 
thing.  The people who use the more advanced controls will still be able to, 
but they will be exploring a world designed to be navigated by the keyboarders.

I'm very tempted to change the controls to a single layout, which would utilize 
steering and a few other things.  The more I thought about the idea of a single 
layout, the more I convinced myself that the layout should be as close to the 
mainstream FPS standard as possible.  If we are already changing the controls, 
they might as well use a standard that has developed over the past decade by 
players using a mouse and keyboard combination.

If I make this kind of change, the bad thing is that it will likely split the 
current Swamp players.  Some people will just not accept the more advanced 
controls and would probably stop playing the game altogether.  I'm just 
starting to think that it's a necessary step.

Please give me your thoughts on this.  I already know some people won't be 
happy, or they will try to suggest that I leave the alternate controls in as an 
option.  The problem with that idea is that I would still have to design the 
maps and game to work for the clunky keyboard navigators and we are back to the 
exactly same situation.

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