Hi Dark,

Couldn't agree with you more. When I switched to NVDA last year and
decided not to upgrade Jaws or window-Eyes I began looking for decent
Sapi voices to use with NVDA. As far as I am concerned its hard to go
wrong investing in the Cereproc or Cepstral voices.

For one thing the prices are pretty low. I've got a few Cepstral
voices which only cost me $30 USD which is a good price considering
Ivona charges $45 per voice, and they are not proprietary. Cepstral
seems to be interested in making money honestly and intentionally keep
their prices low so just about anyone can afford their products who
wants them.

Another reason I like Cepstral is they were one of the first to get
their act together and upgraded their Swift 5 engine to 64-bit where
AT&T, Cereproc, etc are still based on 32-bit engines. Since I owned a
couple of Swift 5 voices they didn't even charge me to upgrade from
32-bit to 64-bit, and they work with my games. So I'm not complaining
about their customer service and support at all.

So the way I see it is if RealSpeak,Eloquence, and the other
proprietary TTS engines continue to be high priced and continue with
this proprietarial non-sense let them blow their foot off. As you say
its not like they are the only game in town, and sooner or later
they'll get the message we don't need their products. There are
equally decent products around for a lot less money and the companies
who make them are much more honest in my opinion.


On 11/1/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Michael.
> Vocalizer has been an inbuilt option in Supernova (Hal), sinse version 12,
> and I can't say i've noticed any appreciable difference betwene that version
> of scansoft daniel and the realspeak one, though I am not sure about other
> voices.
> i actually stil use the Dolphin orphius voice alan with hal, because I find
> any encarnation of the realspeak voices not to respond quickly enough to my
> typing speed. Only eloquence and orphius can catch up, and the natural
> sounding English voice alan available from dolphin's site I find far more
> preferable to eloquence or orphius synths, thus being the perfect compromise
> betwene understandability and responsiveness.
> Back to realspeak though, those prices are horrible! considdering seerprock
> and other freely available voices that run with sapi are only about 30
> dollars each, I have to wonder what the company is playing at. Ever sinse
> they started this proprietorial nonsense I've very rapidly lost any respect
> I had for them in the first place.
> All I can see this doing is absolutely insuring that people will go to other
> companies like seerprock or kepstral for sapi voices, though sinse that's
> pretty much been happening ever sinse scansoft stopped selling freely
> useable voices it actually doesn't make as much difference.
> If they want to shoot their business in the foot, ---- well let them, it's
> not as if we don't have other options afterall.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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