Yes this is definitely a question that has been asked a lot, lol.  I have the 
game coded so that you can't accidentally move the mouse outside of the game's 
window, in fact, the mouse cursor stays perfectly centered on the screen and 
can not move while the game is running.

While it would be possible for the current Swamp game to have keyboard support, 
I am choosing not to add it.  If the support exists, then I will be constantly 
limited as I add and change controls and map content.  Juggling 2 totally 
different ways to play is more trouble than it's worth, since I am actually 
wanting people to use a mouse in this game.  If I was neutral about it and 
didn't really care which was used, I would be willing to bend a little more in 
order to maintain separate keyboard support.

Clearly people will not all agree with my pro mouse stance for Swamp, and I do 
apologize for those who are unhappy with it, but I'm kind of trying to hold my 
ground in order to establish the mouse as a valid input method.  If given any 
other choice, I think most people wouldn't even give the mouse a chance.  By 
forcing people to use the mouse, I have a feeling many people have grown to 
like it.  In short, I'm totally being a jerk with the controls, just to force 
people to try something they don't want to try, haha!  I can admit it.

> Hi list.
> I guess this question has been asked before,
> but is there a way I can play swamp without the mouse?
> I realise that the mouse is more accurate than keyboard
> navigation,
> however I am playing on a laptop, and so only have a track
> pad.
> also, I can easily see myself clicking outside the window
> and opening other stuff on the computer, plus, I guess I am
> just lazy and would rather use the keyboard.
> perhaps some alternative keystrokes could be added such as
> control for firing your gun etc,
> of course I guess movement will be a bit of a problem given
> the arrow keys control radar functions, but I would really
> rather use the keyboard for navigation and firing of
> weapons.
> I just had a thought, perhaps alt and the arrow keys could
> be added in to allow for navigation with the keyboard. so
> alt and up could move you forward, alt and down could move
> you back, and alt left and right could side step you.

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